Man, this page was intense to draw. I’m really glad it’s done. Partly because I had my fill of drawing tiny windows and roofs, but mainly because it’s really neat to see this place that’s been bouncing around in my head for a long time.

I’ve always liked the inside of my head better than the outside world. While the world was full of bullies, money concerns, and bad dance music; the inside of my head was full of awesome robots, weird stories, and an infinite number of topics designed by my brain to be fascinating to itself. So when I started elementary school and the world around me got mean, I made a little nest in my head, curled up, and decided to never come out.

But as I move deeper into adulthood it’s becoming clear that my head is also full of anxieties, circular thinking, and a jerk that yells at me to get working whenever I spend a moment doing something unrelated to art.

I’m going to attempt to ignore that jerk from time to time and get out of my head long enough to appreciate more of the sweet and fragile people, natural beauty, and rock music the outside world has to offer. I still think my head can be a fun place to hang out and I’m still madly in love with making art and drawing this comic, but I think it will be pleasant to step out of myself from time to time. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Come back on August 15th for the next page!