I am thrilled!

It’s been clear that homophobia, sexism, and racism are still problems in America, but I was appalled at the number of bigots that crawled out of the woodwork in the last few years.

The fact that a major political party could not only run a campaign based on financial greed, but one that was openly hostile to women and GBLT people was baffling, even to a cynic like me. It was unimaginable that candidates could say the things they said about women, gays, and rape and be taken seriously.

But you know what? Apparently you can’t say those things and be taken seriously. Even though the Republicans were backed by millions in filthy, super PAC money, all of those monsters lost. I guess you can’t buy an election after all.

We got the first successful ballot initiatives for marriage equality, the first openly gay person ever elected to the Senate, more women in Congress than ever before, reform of three strikes in California, and marijuana legalized in Colorado and Washington to boot!

Now let me take a moment to be proud of my fellow citizens for voting against hate and confirming that you don’t need to be a rich, white, Christian, male to have value.

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