I just got glasses for the first time. My left eye is such garbage that my brain has been relying almost exclusively on my right eye since I was a kid. Using both eyes, my vision is pretty close to 20/20 and I have some depth perception, but the optometrist was worried that my right eye was having to do too much work and would become strained. The first prescription she tried gave me double vision because my brain wasn’t expecting a right and left signal and didn’t know where to put the extra image. She finally found a prescription that doesn’t give me double vision, but instead makes the world into an insane German Expressionist painting.

The perspective of everything looks insane, objects pop out at conflicting angles, the floor curves in on itself, and things have more depth than I’ve ever seen. My brain is supposed to get used to things in a week or two, so I’ll have to enjoy this nausea inducing, freaked-out, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari wonderland while it lasts.

Come back on December 26th to see Sebastian’s new place!