When I got to work Monday morning I noticed the door to the office was still locked, which was a bit unusual. I opened the door and was surprised to hear the alarm ringing. In a state of confusion, I disarmed the alarm and walked through the empty office wondering what was going on and where everyone was. I checked my phone to make sure it was Monday when it suddenly hit me. Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day (the most righteous of all American Holidays) and I had the day off.

I was instantly pissed that I lost an opportunity to sleep in, had rushed to get ready, wasted an hour getting to work, would waste another hour getting home, wasted 10 bucks on train fare, and missed the fun of knowing I had a three day weekend ahead of me.

I have a strong tendency to sabotage a good experience because it started off wrong or could have been better if this or that had gone the way I think it was supposed to. On New Years Eve, my wife and I saw Primus. We got to the show before it started and had to wait for 45 minutes in the freezing cold in the slowest line I’ve ever been in outside of Disneyland or the DMV. By the time we got inside, Primus was already a few songs into their set. It took me half of the show to stop being mad at the venue for being so shitty and to start enjoying myself.

I was on track to spend half my day off being pissed that I wasted the morning, but on the train ride home, for the first time in my life, I caught myself and realized it was stupid to focus more on what I could have had, but lost, than the good news that I had the day off.

When I got home I took advantage of an unseasonably warm day for the Bay Area by taking my dog for a walk and going swimming.

Maybe I’m making progress.

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