Wow! The end of the first chapter! I had a great time making this and am excited to start the second chapter. It’s time for Sebastian to get out there, meet some major characters and see what the afterlife has to offer him.

At the end of every childhood summer I would stop the night before school and think “why didn’t I savor the vacation more. I should have really been enjoying every moment I had.”

I have the fear that I’ll get to the end of my life and think the same thing. “Why didn’t I savor this. I just let it sail by like it was nothing.”

I don’t know what to do about that. It seems to be human nature to get used to whatever your circumstances are and take things for granted. It’s so much easier to appreciate what you have when it’s gone.

I’m going to take a little extra time to paint the cover and get Chapter 2 ready.

Update: My scanner died and, since I hand paint the covers on canvas, I now need to get a new scanner or find a print shop with a decent one before I can post the cover for chapter 2. I should have everything sorted out by the 13th.
Come back on March 13th for a return to the regular schedule and the start of Chapter 2!