After living through the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake I get pretty jumpy any time the ground rumbles. If a passing truck so much as shakes the foundation of my apartment, I’ve usually taken cover before I’ve realized what’s happened.

On May 21st 2011, the day Harold Camping predicted the rapture would begin with an earthquake at 6pm, I was drawing at my desk. I’m scared of earthquakes, but I’m not scared of the rapture, so it was a day like any other. Just after 6pm, my apartment started rattling. Normally I would have jumped for cover, but this time my brain refused to do anything about it. I blurted out “You’ve gotta be kidding me”, folded my arms and just sat there until it passed. If something as stupid as a rapture predicted by some jerk on the radio was happening, then I was just going to refuse to participate.

Of course it was a harmlessly small earthquake and just a coincidence, but I find it amusing that my refusal to take part in idiocy is greater than my fear of dying.

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