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Before this weekend, if I had made a list of the worst ways to spend a Friday evening, karaoke would have landed somewhere between getting an eyeball piercing and doing my taxes. But a good friend was moving to Florida and after a night of drinking he wanted to sing some songs. I didn’t want to bail on my friend and I’m not one to back out on a new experience, unless it has a decent chance of causing death or injury, so I went.

I broke off from the group to get some curry, which meant I wandered into the karaoke place with my friends already in full swing.

Something weird happened to me the second I walked in the room. I was handed the microphone and instantly lost my mind in the best way. I belted the lyrics to Paranoid by Black Sabbath as I ran and jumped around the room. I climbed on top of things, I flailed like an idiot, I rolled around like a maniac, I generally just lost myself in the stupid chaotic fun of it all. One of my friends drummed his legs til he had bruises while another kicked a bucket of ice across the room. I sang a few songs I like, but I also sang awful songs and songs I had never heard before. It didn’t matter. It was great.

I don’t normally find it easy to lose myself in fun like that, but concerts are one of the few areas where I consistently can. Music is powerful and amazing, even when the songs are bad and they are sung horribly by drunken fools. I’m glad I was open enough to the experience to find that out.

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