I hope all of you in the US had a better Thanksgiving break than I did. Mine was a real mixed bag. I got to take some time off to play with a bottle of sumi ink and a can of compressed air and visit people I love, but I was also hit by a car that left everyone okay, but banged up my car pretty good and gave me all the relaxing fun of dealing with insurance companies. So it goes. Hopefully Christmas will be less dramatic.

By the way, if you like to make art and haven’t shot drops of ink with compressed air you should really give it a try. If you put a drop on your page and then blow it with the air, it’ll branch off into really cool tendrils. If you drop the ink above the page and blast it with the air before the ink lands it’ll burst into a really neat splattery mist. It’s a lot of fun and looks pretty damn cool.

Come back on December 18th for the next page!