Several years ago I realized I was sapping most of my personal art of joy because I was thinking of everything as a potential portfolio piece that had to be perfect. I was too focused on the results instead of the process.

I decided that to get back to a place where art was fun, I needed to go dark. I had to remove any possibility that the art could serve a purpose other than being expressive. For two years I filled sketchbooks with images that I vowed to never show to another living person. It worked amazingly well. Not only did I fall madly back in love with art, I also felt a surge of creativity since my subconscious knew that nobody would ever see the nonsense I was making.

After filling a pile of sketchbooks with the most interesting images I had ever created, I started getting an intense itch to do something more substantial than the one-off secret drawings. It was the perfect time to use the creativity and enthusiasm that was now pouring out of me to pick up the germ of an idea that had been kicking around in my head since college and turn it into Panic Attack!

I’m back to my regular schedule! Come back on January 29th for the next page!