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My brother recently moved from Boston to the San Francisco Bay Area where I live.

He’s six years younger than me, which it turns out is a great age difference. I don’t think I’ve ever met siblings as close as we were growing up. There is virtually no sibling rivalry with that large of a gap. Of course six years means nothing now that we’re adults, but as a young child you don’t try to compete with someone six years older than you and you’ve got to be a real jerk to pick on someone six years younger than you are.

So instead of being rivals, we were best friends. We played video games, ran around, shot each other with super soakers, and played with ninja turtles. I was a weird, inverted, and unpopular kid and it was particularly important to have a comrade growing up with me.

As a budding artist it was invaluable to always have him around to play the card and board games I made and read my comics.

At the beginning of high school a kid in my Biology class mentioned that his brother had just left for college. I remember that sounding impossibly painful. I said something along the lines of “that must be rough” and I remember being surprised that he just sort of shrugged his shoulders and walked off. It was the first time it really sunk in that I was going to have to leave my brother and it sounded awful.

Of course I didn’t realize that by the end of high school I would be obsessed with my girlfriend, distracted by the prospect of going to college and my goal of becoming a professional artist, and desperate to assert my own adult independence. Without even realizing it I effortlessly drifted away.

I think that was the right thing to do, I think it’s what most teenagers do, but I’m no longer a teenager and I’m really glad my brother’s back in town.

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