Thanks for being patient with this update! This week was exhausting. My wife and I got whiplash after somebody plowed into the back of our car while we were stopped at a red light and then we spent a stupid amount of time looking for an apartment in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Berkeley was particularly absurd. We figured the summer would be a good time to look for places since all of the students would be gone, but that wasn’t the case at all. Almost every place we went to had throngs of students filling out applications and fighting to be the first person to give a deposit.

We would see the same groups of people at several open houses and everyone would commiserate about how insane the experience was. We were told that one of the landlords received 100 completed applications in 90 minutes. Another person told us that one of the units they looked at turned out to be a $1,500 a month square of asphalt. I guess the idea was that you could live in your car. I love the Bay Area, but housing around here is a cruel joke.

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