The last couple weeks were a bizarre mix of much needed serenity and what felt like a horrifying breakdown of human decency as viewed through my Twitter feed.

This year has been one of the most trying of my wife and my lives so we decided to take a rare vacation and accept our friends’ invitation to visit British Columbia. We spent a lot of time looking at incredible First Nations art, wandering along beaches and through forests, and drinking our way through Vancouver and Victoria. It was a wonderful and desperately needed break from our anxieties and fears and it seemed to heal a good amount of psychic damage.

But there was a deep cognitive dissonance in spending time laughing and drinking with indie game-dev friends in Canada and then seeing a steady stream of misery and hate leveled against so many good women in the same industry whenever I checked my phone.

There are plenty of articles online if you want to read about what is happening. All I want to say about it here is that I know the video game community is capable of much better than this. A lot of the sweetest people I’ve ever met love video games and it’s up to us good-hearted game creators and game players, particularly the males among us, to call out anyone saying hateful, sexist things in the name of games. After all, there is nothing less fun than making people feel scared and unwelcome.

Come back on September 24th for the last page of Chapter 2!