Here’s the first page of Chapter 03! It feels great to be making and posting these again!

Like a lot of people, I’ve lived in apartments my entire life. Growing up, the few times I found myself in someone’s house I would walk around with a sense of overwhelming wonder and the belief that the owners must be impossibly, mythically rich. Those 2 bedroom houses might as well have been castles, they seemed so magical. I longed to have my own room where I could draw and listen to music in privacy, but more than anything I wanted a backyard where I could play without the risk of being messed with. I wanted a quiet, personal sanctuary from the world and living in apartments has always felt like living in someone else’s space.

I’m not sure if anyone else can relate to this or not, but I’ve always felt kind of like I live at my old high school. I’m always conscious that my landlords are authority figures that will boot me out of here if they don’t approve of what I’m up to. I’m a pretty good tenant and have never been evicted, but just knowing that they’re keeping an eye on me makes me feel like this isn’t my home.

That feeling has been heavily amplified for the last 6 months, while they’ve been replacing the siding on the apartments in my neighborhood. I wake up to pounding, shouting, and the entire apartment shaking and I walk through half torn apart buildings and piles of broken lumber on my way to and from work. A few days ago I closed the blinds on a guy who was on a ladder, staring at me through my living room window as he sang and tore a piece of wood off the building. I’ve left them permanently closed since then.

I’d be desperate for the construction to finish if I wasn’t so sure they’re planning to raise our rent to an unaffordable level when they’re done. Oh well. So it goes, I guess.

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