If you’re in the Bay Area, drop by my booth at Zine Fest on Sunday, September 6th. It’s being held at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. I’ll have t-shirts, art prints, comics, and buttons. I’d also love to talk to you if you just want to say hi.

I’m trying to find a home for a stray cat that’s been hanging around my apartment. If you’re in the Bay Area and want the best cat in the world, please leave a message here, send an email, or tweet at me.

At first my wife and I thought it was an indoor/outdoor cat and were surprised that it wasn’t wearing a collar. Eventually we noticed its hair wasn’t getting brushed and it was hungry so we fed it some turkey by hand. The cat was sweet and gentle as it ate the turkey and when it was full it flopped over so we could pet it.

It led us over to a neighbor’s door and indicated it would like to be let inside. We thought the neighbor had recently moved, but now I’m realizing it’s more likely the neighbor passed away. About the same time the cat started asking us for food and attention, we stopped hearing a horrible cough regularly echo through our neighborhood. The woman that lived there was very old.

Though we desperately want to adopt the cat, we can’t let it into our apartment because my wife has severe asthma that is triggered by cat allergies. The last time she stayed with someone with cats, she had to be hospitalized.

The cat is now coming by frequently, meowing at our window when it would like the bowl of food we set out refilled and meowing when it would like to be pet or play with us. It wants to sit on our laps and sits on our doormat, politely indicating it would like to come inside to live with us. It is without question the gentlest, friendliest, most polite cat I have ever met.

I’m really starting to love the cat and would like to keep it around, but it’s a domesticated cat, it’s lonely, and it clearly wants to find a permanent home.

We’re going to contact the Nine Lives Foundation tomorrow to see if they can help us find a home for the cat. That home could be with you. If so, please get in touch.

I’m going to be getting stuff together for Zine fest so the next page will be up on September 15th.