Life has been feeling like spinning plates. There are so many things to deal with all the time that it would be literally impossible to keep them all going. I always tend to my three key ones: work, my personal artwork, and my relationship, but keeping those spinning means I have to let countless other plates come crashing down around me. E-mails that will never get responded to, opportunities I’ll never take advantage of, an apartment that will never be organized, and hundreds of other life-maintenance things that would suck all my time if I let them.

I feel like I’m fucking up by not doing everything all at once. I seem to go through cycles, where all the stuff I’m not dealing with starts freaking me out and I try to take care of so much stuff all at once, that I end up frazzled and realize I only really have time for my three priorities and that the responsible and self-fulfilling thing to do is just to let all the other stuff go. I’m genuinely happier during these times, but inevitably I start to freak out again and the frenzy starts all over. Right now is one of those times.

I’m confident that I picked the right 3 plates to spin, but I really wish I could do it all. I need clones.

I’m taking a brief break for the Holidays. Come back on December 30th for the next page!